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PRE-CHOICE Dual Action Prebiotic



Traditionally, probiotics have been used to add new bacteria to the intestine. Usually these are a mix of up to 10 common strains of the 400 or so species of bacteria naturally occurring in the horse’s gut.

However, in the horse, the ratio of these different species of bacteria constantly changes (even throughout the day) according to diet, environment, work levels, and overall condition. This can make choosing the right probiotic very difficult. Also the stomach is nature’s ‘sterilising chamber’. The acid balance there is designed to kill bacteria accidentally swallowed with the food, and will therefore threaten the viability of bacteria introduced via a probiotic.

A prebiotic is unaffected by the conditions in the stomach and avoids the need to choose the strains of bacteria required because it simply feeds the population that is already present in the intestine, increasing the numbers naturally and in the ratios already set by the individual horse.


One of the key ingredients within PRE-CHOICE is Bio-Mos, which is scientifically proven and supported by 733 research trials (university, peer reviewed, practical). 113 of these trials exist as peer reviewed publications and several others are pending this status.


Complete digestion, utilisation of feed and nutrients
Helps if there has been an excess in dietary starch
Enhances palatability of feed and encourages even fussy eaters
Helps to maintain condition all year round
Improves coat (throughout the year) and hoof condition
Growth rate of young horses, particularly in bone development stomach health

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