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Equable Natural Equine Calmer


Why choose this product? well we know at The Pet Supplement Shop that sometimes horses can become excitable or nervous whilst at home or out competing. A calmer supplemnt such as Equable Natural can sooth and help promote more focus in your horse to help deal with the task in hand.

Some of the key benifits of Equable Natural Equine Calmer:
- Assists all stressful situations such as travelling, showing, veterinary and shoeing.
- Very economical and effective.
- All  Liquid Equine Formulations are in independently tested for Caffeine and Theobromine.
- Palatable liquid & powder
- Fast Acting.
- 100% natural
- Available in 500g Powder Supplement Or 1000mls Liquid

*** Equable Natural Equine Calmer can be delivered to you FREE in the UK. Need this item fast then you can select our premium postage service. We also offer international postage to all locations across the world.

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