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Coxoid For Coccidiosis


Coccidiosis is a major problem which leads to many young chick deaths. Common in pigeons.  Coxoid is what you need...

For the treatment and control of coccidiosis in pigeons.

Coxoid Oral Solution is a water-miscible treatment for coccidiosis. This liquid product is added into birds drinking water.

Coxoid application: Add Coxoid to the drinking water at a rate of 28ml per 4.5 litres for 7 days. In serious outbreaks, treatment at half strength (14ml per 4.5 litres) should be continued for a further 7 days. DO NOT feed whilst chicks are present in the nest.

Active ingredients: Contains 3.84% w/v Amprolium Hydrochloride BP (Vet).

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