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Liquid calcium supplement for healthy teeth and bones in small animals.  Add to food or drinking water.

Drs have specialised in calcium supplements for over 20 years. As you can imagine, a huge amount of calcium goes into teeth and bone growth/production and sometimes our little furry pet's reserves can get rather low (especially in breeding pets). Calcivet is Liquid calcium supplement like no other and is ideal for healthy teeth and bones in small animals. It's highly bio-available calcium means that Calcivet gets absorbed quickly and efficiently.

A shortage of usable calcium lies at the root of many problems, including:

laying/giving birth
weakness in the females that cannot lay or give birth
broken bones in the young
slow moults
co-ordination problems which may go as far as falling over
respiratory problems
Calcivet® brings amazing results
Calcivet® is highly concentrated and works when some other supplements don't.
Use as directed for best results
Cuttle fish and grit won't solve the problems!
Calcivet® gives high value for money with more calcium for your pound.
Key features: Ideal for breeding and growing animals. Calcium is involved in brain and nerve function and can improve behavioural problems.

Remember, if your pets need added calcium in their diet, they will almost certainly need daily vitamins so have a look at our complete vitamin & mineral range too like Daily Essentials1 or Tiny Animal Essentials for small pets and Coat Magic or HypoAllergenic Essentials for cats & dogs.

DrS Calcivet application:
Mix 10mls to 20mls of Calcivet to 1 litre of drinking water. Alternatively add to food at the rate of 0.1-0.2mls (diluted in a little water) per 100g of bodyweight. Feed once or twice a week to non-breeding animals and five times a week to breeders.

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