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Calciboost - Reptiles


Sticky powdered calcium supplement for addition to live foods. Provides reptiles with a quality source of calcium with vitamin D3.  This fine flowing powder allows for easier and more even distribution once applied onto live foods.

Quality chelated calcium!  No more problems with...

laying/giving birth
Weakness in the females that cannot lay or give birth
broken bones in the young
shedding slowly
co-ordination problems which may go as far as falling over
respiratory problems
It is such an effective calcium source that most of the year you will only need it once or twice a week.

CalciBoost brings amazing results
CalciBoost is highly concentrated and works when some other supplements don't.
Use as directed for best results
Cuttle fish and grit won't solve the problems!
CalciBoost gives high value for money with more calcium for your pound.
Key features: Ideal for breeding and growing reptiles. Calcium is involved in brain and nerve function and can improve behavioural problems.

CROCdoc CalciBoost Powder application:
Sprinkle one generous pinch over live food for every 150 grams of reptile bodyweight or one level teaspoon for every 3 kgs of bodyweight. Use between 2 and 5 days a week.

Active ingredients:
Contains calcium (33 grams/kg), Magnesium (2 g/kg) Vitamin D3 (25,000 ius/kg).

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