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Aviclens - Reptiles


A powerful water sanitizer, keeps drinking water sparkling clean and hygienic.

Do you water pots/containers get a little scummy during hot weather?  Unfortunately that is the bugs multiplying in the water.  Aviclens will stop the bugs multiplying.

Very economical (1 ml per 2 litres or 1 drop per 50ml drinker), Aviclens is a powerful but safe water sanitizer, to keep drinking and bathing water hygienic and healthy, whatever your reptile may drop in it!  Aviclens works by retarding the growth of yeasts, fungi and bacteria safely.

CROCdoc Aviclens application:
Add 5mls per 10 litres (2 gallons) drinking water. 1 drop per 50ml drinker, 1/3 ml per pint or 1/2ml per litre.

Active ingredients:
Chlorhexidine gluconate.

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